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Viva Quetzal

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The high-energy Afro-Andean world beat group Viva Quetzal presents an eclectic mixture of traditional, folk and pop themes from South America, performed on a dazzling array of ancient and modern instruments. Viva Quetzal is a Massachusetts-based group featuring members originating in Chile, Panama, Venezuela and the U.S. Their music peppers its Andean roots with elements of rock, jazz and world beat. These musicians create beautiful, high-spirited music that appeals to audiences of all ages. "...A sampling of all the diverse musical traditions that exist in the Americas and beyond... melodious rhythms with an exuberant, non-stop level of energy... Viva Quetzal's brand of music is more than eclectic or rhythmic, it's spiritual, it's all cultures existing as one. That's universal music!" (Cashbox magazine, NYC). Viva Quetzal currently features seven members: Joe Belmont on guitar, Roberto Clavijo on pan pipes, charango, congas and vocals, Abe (Osacar) Sanchez on piano and vocals, Jon Weeks on flutes, saxes and percussion, Rudi Weeks on upright and electric bass, Eliezer Martinez on drums, and Nelson (Pipo) Milano on congas. 

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